World Book Day offers us an opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and reflect on some of the books we have read that have had a significant impact on our lives. It also reminds us to share our love of reading with others, opening creative minds and sparking a sense of wonder and imagination. Business coaching books


Books with Benefits

However, there are many other benefits of reading, beyond simple enjoyment.

According to Progress Life Line, mental and physical benefits of regular reading include:

  • Keeping your mind sharper, for longer, by improving memory function and slowing down any decline in memory associated with age. 
  • Relaxes you ahead of bedtime and aids in falling asleep, making it an ideal part of your nightly routine.
  • Exercise for the mind. Much like physical activities, reading can reduce stress, blood pressure and lower your heart rate. And it’s low impact too, so less strain on your joints!
  • Escape from the worries of the world, providing some respite from depression and other mental health concerns. Non-fiction goods play an important role here too, by educating readers on how to better manage some of the challenges they may be facing.  
  • It helps to keep your mind nimble and smart, improving cognitive functions like reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making – critical attributes for any successful business owner.

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Top recommended reading list for business owners

 So with all that in mind, I thought World Book Day was a great time to share a few of the business and life skill books recommended by ActionCoaches for ActionCoaches AND their clients (all with handy Amazon links for easy ordering): 


Personal Development:

Team / Leadership:


Time / Self Management:

 Happy reading!