Clients, and other things to be grateful for!

2020 has come to an end, and not a moment too soon for many of us, I am sure. However, despite the challenges we faced personally and professionally during the last 12 months, there have also been some highlights that are surely worth remembering as we wave goodbye to the ‘year that was.’

Possibly you welcomed your first child into the world or celebrated the engagement of your oldest. Maybe you and your family became closer and found joy in the simple things in life while in lockdown. Or you baked that perfect banana bread!

Maybe you opened your first business or launched a new line of products to meet the changing needs of your clients.  Perhaps you decided to move your teams to remote working and already see a positive impact on team dynamics and productivity.

For me, highlights include the positive feedback I received from my clients and webinar delegates this year. I am passionate about coaching, working with business owners as they grow their businesses from good to great, and making a real difference in their lives. That’s why reading the comments below is so rewarding for me!

Whatever your reasons are to be grateful, I hope you look back fondly on them and feel the good outweighs the bad. 

Thanks to all my clients!

Hugh Percival – HPES Technical Solutions

“Before I took the step of joining ActionCoach, I could see that without some form of guidance, I and my business were going to continue being sucked into the whirlpool. In a very few short months, Martin has helped me to see that there is a better way of operating.  It is possible to make much better decisions and to do things in a more efficient manner.

I am a lot less stressed and I now have a focus for myself and for the business. This is having a positive impact upon my family and myself. Truthfully, I highly recommend ActionCOACH.” 


Adam Prescott – Revolution Fitness 

“I could not put a value on what Martin has helped me achieve over the last few months. Not only

helping me streamline my company but more importantly helping in my personal development to be a more efficient director. I have more time and less stress than I can remember in a long time.One of the most immediate and valuable elements of the coaching relationship was having that objective, 3rd party view of the business. Most valuable was Martin’s knowledge.

I’ve already learned so much – and I’ve formed many new habits which will change how I do business forever.”

(You can read more about Adam’s experience with Martin and ActionCOACH here.)


Kevin Collins – OmCore

“Thanks to Martin and the Bury team, for a great motivational webinar. It was a very welcome boost to the day!”


Tracey Williams – Flowers by Tracey Williams 

“Excellent, exactly what it says – a business coach helping me step by step to achieve my goals.”


Florence Cherruault – The Pickle House

“It was great! Makes me realise I need to get these systems in place to then help get my business to the next level.” 


Corina Dorneau (6 Steps webinar delegate)

“I found ActionCoach Bury St Edmunds to be very professional and supportive. I attended the 6 steps to a better business free training that enabled me to plan my business better and identify my unique selling point. Thank you!”


Jason Clarke (6 Steps webinar delegate)

“Really excellent session from Martin and the team! Well done to all involved. I certainly have a lot to take away and think about. Biggest takeaways – a) The importance of mastery and what you need to do to achieve it and set good foundations b) the importance of Niche and c) the 5 ways to grow a business formula.”