“ActionCOACH the Company that started it all”

Founded by Australian entrepreneur Brad Sugars in 1993, the ActionCOACH business model, methodologies and strategies are generating business success in nearly every major industry in over 70 countries across the globe. ActionCOACH is made up of experienced, qualified Business Coaches and Growth Specialists


“The World’s Number 1 Coaching Firm”

The philosophy and vision of ActionCOACH is underpinned by one phrase: World abundance through re-education. ActionCOACH is built on the belief and knowledge that for the entrepreneurs out there with courage and vision, setting up and successfully owning your own businesses should give you more life, purpose, money, control over your work-life balance and satisfaction.  By working within the ActionCOACH ‘14 Points of Culture’, we make sure that everyone touched by the ActionCOACH community is positively affected and inspired to become the person they need to be to achieve their goals. 

Part of what makes ActionCOACH so successful is our tight-knit ActionCOACH Community. With over 1,000 coaches spread out across the globe, we are united by a rich network of shared information, open minded learning and free sharing of information and support amongst our teams. Not only does this mean that we as coaches are confident in our ability to tackle any challenge, but every one of our clients is invited to join this network too; a knowledgeable and supportive global community – dedicated to business success, growth and prosperity. 

You don’t need to take our word for it, there is a seemingly unlimited library of testimonials and success stories from our clients and partners alike. 


“The preferred alternative to costly Consultancy Firms” 

While there is certainly a place for Consultancies within business, the relationship between business owner and Consultant will always be traditionally transactional. If you are a large scale company who needs intensive support with a one-off company-wide project which permits a high one-off cost, perhaps a consultancy firm is for you. However, if you are looking for impactful solutions and long lasting improvements, then you will benefit  tenfold  from the support of a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable business coach. 

At ActionCOACH we don’t paper over the cracks, nor do we impose sweeping changes to your teams and processes – our relationship with you and your business aims to be transformational. We work with business owners to form honest, long-term relationships which endure and continue to add value long after you’ve broken through the barriers of business and are flying high on your own! 

Our coaches take a holistic approach, touching every part of your business to help every part work in harmony. This includes our dedication to ‘people not project’ based development. Rather than focusing on large projects, we work with you and your senior team to upskill and master the mindset you need to tackle the challenges that come your way. Further than this, deciding to work with an ActionCOACH isn’t solely an investment in improving your business, it is an investment in yourself as a business owner. As we set out in our ActionCOACH mission statement, we believe that owning your own business should give you more life. Many of the business owners who decide to work with an ActionCOACH are stuck in a fire-fighting pattern of 60+ hour working weeks, a never-ending to-do list and the weight of the world on their shoulders. Every effort is made to log off or leave the office on time, but you somehow end up logging back on after dinner or once the family has gone to bed. At ActionCOACH we help our clients to tackle the roots of this problem, giving you back your life, your freedom and getting your business to a point where you can go on a family holiday without your business collapsing in your absence. That is why we are not transactional consultancy – we are transformational coaches. 


“A pillar of business in your community” 

At Actioncoach, we take pride and passion in developing and supporting our local communities. At ActionCOACH Bury St Edmunds for example, we are committed to generating 1,000+ jobs in East Anglia. We believe that there is massive potential in this region for businesses to expand and grow – and we want to be at the heart of those journeys in our hometown and beyond. In the majority of cases, our coaches focus their efforts in the communities they grew up or now live in. We know the high streets, the business parks, we know your customers, and probably even your competition! We know the history and culture of where we are based, so when we work with you to hone your marketing output, recruit your new team or relocate to larger premises, we bring with us all of our local knowledge.


“A support network for small to medium business owners”

Whether you’re a one-man-band or part of a small team, being a business owner can feel incredibly isolating. With limited time, budget and resources it can be difficult to find the support you need. 

We work hard to provide answers and solutions to all of your business questions, and that means we are also learning and developing – we all are! We find the best way to grow is to communicate and network with other business owners and teams, you never know who you might meet, and where your next bolt of inspiration may come from. 

At ActionCOACH we don’t simply offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions. We offer a host of individual and group programmes for all business sizes and types.  For businesses owners ready for 1-2-1 coaching we offer dedicated support and access to our very own Growth Specialist, Martin Baillie. Our range of group coaching and networking clubs are also incredibly popular – offering a valuable support network and learning environment for businesses of all sizes. Group coaching gives business owners the closed group platform to discuss challenges while building relationships and nurturing what quickly becomes a rich referral network. 

So, What is ActionCOACH? The world leading coaching network, and the key to the successful growth and development of your business.  If you’re ready to see how ActionCOACH could be the key to unlocking your business, get in touch with us today.