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10x Increase in Revenue For Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Glue Marketing Agency


In the first year of Javan Bramhall was running the Digital Glue marketing agency he quickly realised that he had created a job for himself. He was doing the work for clients but he didn’t have any direction beyond that.

He turned to an Action Coach to make himself accountable and focused on growth in his business:

“As a business owner I think you probably know what the right things are to be doing, but I think sometimes the ability to actually focus on and do those things is taken away by the day-to-day pressures”

Sine working with Action Coach he has transformed the business from a one man band to a team of 9. As a result gross profit has increased 1000% – from 40K to 400K! He is now able to take home more money from the business and invest in his house.

Before ActionCOACH Javan typically worked a 70-80 hour week, but now he is able to go on holidays and spend time with the kids:

“The results you get from ActionCOACH go way beyond the financial. They absolutely deliver return on investment on any financial investment you make – in my case 10 times over at least. But more importantly than that, they allow you to focus on the things that really matter and are really important to you”

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