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£200K Turnover Increase Using ActionCOACH Systems

Total Bathrooms


After owning Total Bathrooms for 20 years, Peter Hirsch found that he had plateaued in terms of how much time he could take away from the business. With the tools and systems available from Action Coach, Peter could implement a plan not only for his business but for his family life too.

“That strategy alone makes a huge difference to any business because it forces the business owner to work ON the business rather than IN the business. I knew that I needed to do that but it’s very hard to find time in a busy schedule to do it and ActionCOACH forces you to do that”

Bringing an Action Coach into the business has also benefited Managing Director Graham Lake. In his first MD role the learnings provided by Action Coach have been invaluable and built his confidence enormously. Relationships within the company have strengthened and the business has developed overall. Turnover has increased by £200,000 since working with Action Coach and Graham now sees the company as one team rather than 3 different departments.

Graham had tried using other coaches in the past, but they failed to deliver on one key area that an Action Coach offers – accountability. By remaining accountable Graham makes sure he is putting the systems and strategies learned into the business and ensuring growth.

If you’d like to kick-start your business growth and you want:

1. More time

2. A more efficient team

3. And to grow your profits

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